Facts and Stats


These statistics represent a snapshot of the clients served by Meals-on-Wheels Greater San Diego, Inc. for the period of October, 2011 through September, 2012

Clients Number Percentage
Total 2,419 100%
Male 995 41%
Female 1424 59%
Ethnicity Caucasian 1963 81.1%
Latino/Hispanic 184 7.6%
African American 82 3.4%
Multiple Races 24 1.0%
Native American 4 0.2%
Asian/Pac. Islander 52 2.1%
Status Live Alone 1073 44%
Age 85 Years + 1114 46%
Employees & Volunteers
Full-time Employees 35
Part-time Employees 39
Volunteers 2,535 *
Total 2,609
Meals Delivered
Average Daily Meals 973
Total Meals Delivered in Year 355,051
Meals Provided Since 1960 16,594,262

*Adopt-a-Routes are made up of businesses or groups that share a delivery route. There are typically several volunteers that are part of the delivery team.  As the number of volunteers fluctuates within each organization’s route,  Adopt-a-Routes are only counted as one volunteer in this figure.  Additionally, Meals-on-Wheels server congregate sites such as memory care centers. These “meals delivered” counts are reflected as one meal in the above counts, even though dozens of meals are served at these sites.

By the Numbers in San Diego County

Meals-on-Wheels serves:

  • 2 heart healthy, nutritious meals 7 days a week
  • Approximately 2,500 seniors served annually
  • Currently serving nearly 1,100 seniors each month throughout the county
  • In 48 San Diego County communities
  • 96 weekday and 54 weekend delivery routes, 48,360 annually.
  • In the last 12 months, we delivered almost 400,000 meals.

Meals-on-Wheels: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

  • It takes 135-150 volunteers a day to deliver meals. Currently have over 2,500 volunteers
  • Volunteers are critical to our ability to deliver meals; otherwise, too cost-prohibitive
  • Give 211,575 volunteer hours annually
  • Drive 725,400 miles annually
  • Daily safety and well being check for seniors
  • Provide 4,000 plus birthday gift boxes annually, one for every senior on their birthday

Meals-on-Wheels: Community Involvement

  • 60+ Corporations, organizations and groups, including the US Navy are Adopt-a-Route Partners with Meals-on-Wheels
  • 4-community based Service Center offices
  • 19-community centered volunteer pick up sites
  • 36,000 individuals donate every year
  • Because we are not federally funded, financial contributions are vital to our sustainability.
  • Our capacity to serve is based directly on the level of community involvement.

Seniors Served:

  • Average age is over 82 years; 46% over the age of 85
  • 59% are female, 41% male
  • 44%  live alone
  • 84% of seniors we serve are considered low-income according to HUD standards.
  • 100% of the seniors we serve are subsidized.  Although they pay up to $7.00 per day for two meals, the full cost to provide the meals is about two times the fee.
  • 100% benefit from help with daily nutritional needs