Meet Ann, a spritely 106 year young senior who says “I have always been a happy and friendly person” and her 85 year old daughter, Gloria. They each have a home in the same mobile home park and are truly co-dependent on each other. Whether it is deteriorating memory issues, hearing difficulties or health issues, they are there for each other. Kudos to both of them for caring for one another. For Ann, you could say, once a mother…always a mother watching over her daughter.

Over the hot summer Ann decided she could no longer walk the two very long blocks to the store, return home with groceries, prepare meals for both of them and then walk the meal to Gloria’s home. Lyn, Gloria’s daughter who lives out of state suggested Meals on Wheels.  Ann told us “I love the meals. It’s working out just great for all of us. The meal delivery has solved the problems we were concerned about.  The volunteers are wonderful, friendly and genuinely seem happy to see me and hear about my day.  I know that Gloria and I have nutritious meals and Lyn knows that someone is checking on us.” 

At 106, Ann has certainly seen many changes over the decades - cars, computers, TV, but she really doesn’t focus on that.  She enjoys and appreciates life each day, making the most of her routine that includes family and friends.  Both Ann and Gloria live for today, enjoying each day.

With your support, Meals on Wheels San Diego has served over 3100 in the last 12 months, 26 of them over 100!


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