"A life changing decision"

If you would have asked Arthur Bowen 40 years ago what he imagined life would be like at 86 years of age, he would have told you that he didn’t expect to live that long. Reaching that milestone today, Mr. Bowen is still living life to the fullest and attributes Meals on Wheels San Diego County for helping him be the healthiest he has ever been.


While Arthur greets volunteers with a smile and a funny antic every day, he hasn’t always been as optimistic about his health and well-being. A little over a year ago, his daughter urged Arthur to try Meals on Wheels service because of his declining health. Feeling very lonely, he was not taking care of himself, especially when it came to nutrition. Eating food that was fast and easy, Arthur ballooned to 305 lbs. His health was failing which required him to take multiple medications. Desperate, he decided to try a popular diet program, which ultimately failed. When he landed in the hospital with internal bleeding and ulcers, he knew things needed to change, including the necessity to consume healthy and nutritious food. Mr. Bowen called Meals on Wheels. He had no idea that decision would change his life. Today, Arthur receives meals seven days a week.  Each meal is packed with the exact nutrition his body needs and portioned in just the right amount. Arthur started Meals on Wheels with healthy, nutritious meals in mind, not thinking of it as a diet plan to lose weight.  However, now he is 98 lbs. lig

hter and has been able to stop taking six different medications!


One thing Mr. Bowen hasn’t lost is his sense of humor. While most people report looking younger after losing weight, he says the opposite has been true for him: “People treat me like I’m an old man now- holding doors for me and what not. I never had that before I lost the weight!”


As one ages, nutritional needs change. Therefore, Meals on Wheels San Diego County has a Registered Dietitian that the senior nutrition guidelines set by the Federal Government for healthy living. This ensures that every meal served is not only packed with flavor, but portioned with the daily amount of protein, fruits, vegetables and grains required, while controlling daily limits of sodium, sugar and carbohydrates.


Mr. Bowen, is quick to share that okra is his favorite item on the menu, as it brings back fond memories of living in Georgia. When asked to share what Meals on Wheels means to him, without hesitation, Mr. Bowen remarks it’s about both freedom and better health.  “I always said that if I won the lottery, I would hire a chef, but, honestly, that’s what Meals on Wheels San Diego County is (for me). I have my own personal chef that delivers meals to my door. The food is delicious and I’m in the best health I’ve ever been.”  While Arthur never expected to reach the ripe old age of 86, now, with the help of Meals on Wheels, he is confident he will live even longer.




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