53 years ago, a boy who worked in the high school cafeteria was teasing a girl in line. This girl would often purchase extra meals for her friends whose families couldn’t afford them. “So much food for such a little person!” he’d say and she’d laugh. She eventually got up the nerve to ask him to a formal dance and two years later, they married. For 51 years this boy and this girl have been inseparable. Meet Kevin, a jokester and Eagle Scout, and Connie, an impressively active and social retiree. You’d think they have enough going on with 3 sons, 1 daughter, 5 grandkids, 2 great-grandkids, and 3 cats, but they just can’t seem to sit still.

5 years ago, a member of their church at Nestor United Methodist invited Kevin and Connie to drive a delivery route for Meals on Wheels San Diego County. Connie had already retired so jumped at the chance. She loved it so much that she couldn’t wait for Kevin to retire and join her. They now deliver together 3 days a week, except on Wednesdays when Connie has a standing date to play Hand and Foot with her friends. That’s when Kevin calls up some of their friends to help him out. Those friends are often seniors who aren’t able to drive on their own or are experiencing health issues which would otherwise have them homebound. So, Kevin picks them up to get them out and to socialize by delivering meals to seniors in the same situation who may not be so lucky as to have friends like the Criswells.

For this couple, delivering for Meals on Wheels seems to bring them as much joy as they are surely spreading to the seniors on their route, and their pets! The Criswells never venture out on a delivery route without a handful of doggie treats for all of the little critters they’ve come to know and love.

This couple stands out for their energy and warmth, laughs and smiles, even the collection of owls and Coca Cola paraphernalia…it all contributes to the remarkable attitude of this senior couple to live an active life and to help other seniors in their community. And this is what the Criswell’s are all about - encouraging Imperial Beach seniors get involved and make it fun! As Connie puts it, “It’s a family for us.”



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