The moment one enters the McCune’s home the senses are delighted with the colors and collections of a life well lived and evidence of world travels. The living and dining areas are filled with beautiful ornamental objects from Hawaii and Asia. The hallways are adorned with family photos, certificates, and awards. Mr. Robert McCune proudly embarks upon a tour for visitors, showing off framed photos of the extended families of both him and his wife of 13 years, Lori. He proudly reminisces about his 39 years of military service and points out the multiple honors and service awards he has received over the years.

Robert has lived in Oceanside for more than 20 years and was stationed everywhere from Mississippi to Germany during his time in the US Army. Robert trained at Fort Ord along the Central Coast of California. At its height, Fort Ord was home to upwards of 50,000 troops, serving as the staging area for soldiers of the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Robert served in both Korea and Vietnam and continued his service through the Army Reserve and National Guard. He takes great pride in having served alongside men whom he deems heroes and whose faces line his walls.

Robert shares photos from his 4 visits to the White House when he met Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. He also shares photos and stories of his retirement as Sergeant First Class US Army.

Robert is a newer client for Meals on Wheel San Diego County and was, in fact, the last Oceanside resident Meals on Wheels was able to take on. There is now a waiting list of clients like Robert that will only shrink if more volunteers sign up to deliver meals.

Lori says she signed her husband up for Meals on Wheels because he isn’t able to cook the way he used to. He was a chef in the Army and always took care of meal preparation at home. She admits cooking isn’t her strength and wanted to ensure he was eating tasty and healthy meals like Meals on Wheels San Diego County delivers. She feels lucky that they were accepted on the route and is aware of friends who also live in Oceanside who have recently signed up, only to be put on a waitlist.

Charlotte Fan, North County Site Manager for Meals on Wheels, says Robert is typical of the client she sees in this area. So many seniors who have served their countries are ready to accept the help of Meals Wheels. “They devoted their lives to serving you and me,” she says. “Now it’s time for us to return the favor.”

When asked about his reflections on a life serving others, Robert says about aging, “All you want to do is love and do better.” So true. Thank you for your service and your wise words, Mr. McCune.



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