At 90 years of age, Sonny exudes robustness, which he contributes to leading a very colorful and exciting life and... Meals-on-Wheels helping him to eat properly and stay healthy! Jumping back in time some sixty or seventy years would see Sonny in a myriad of interesting professions. Most notably Sonny managed professional fighters and entertainers placing him in and amongst the likes of Mohammad Ali and Jimmy The Greek,  as well as many shining stars on the  Las Vegas strip. A bit of a gambler and entrepreneur at heart, when he had the opportunity to work in a business that showed promise, he was “all in”, including starting a coal business and pioneering a plastics company. After retiring, Sonny moved to Rosarito, Baja Mexico. As luck would have it, in 1996, James Cameron purchased 34 acres of waterfront property nearby to build a movie studio to house a water tank large enough to sink an ocean liner by the name of the Titanic!  Sonny, knowing the film had Cameron at the helm as Director and  the largest budget ever for a movie at the time (over $200 million), decided acting would be his next “all-in” adventure!  At 71 years young, Sonny auditioned for the film and was cast as a double for the character of Bert Cartmell, a third class passenger who ultimately drowns with his family when the crew traps them by refusing to open the locked gates from steerage.

With the passing recently of the oldest survivor of the actual Titanic voyage, Sonny now takes up the mantel of “oldest survivor” of the movie. Anxiously awaiting the Titanic II, a modern day replica of the original RMS Titanic scheduled to be launched in 2018, Sonny is ready, willing and able to be a passenger on the maiden voyage which will retrace the original ships ports.

The fact is that Sonny has never been a great cook and doesn’t want to gamble on it now. He thoroughly enjoys being a client of Meals-on-Wheels Greater San Diego, Inc. Vowing that the “nutritious and delicious meals” keep him healthy and contributes to his overall physical and emotional well-being, he plans on being a client, at least until he is selected as a spokesperson for the maiden voyage of the Titanic II (in case you are listening Blue Star Lines). And, that’s ok, Sonny, with Meals-on-Wheels you never have to “fold”. We’ll be glad to put your meals on “a long-hold” until you return!


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