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Thank you very much for wanting to help us during this crisis. We need volunteer drivers to deliver meals to our seniors now more than ever. If you would like to start volunteering, please complete a volunteer application: here.

It will take us some time to process your application as we are experiencing a high number calls, emails and applications at this time. Please be patient. You will be contacted via email once your application has been processed. We appreciate your support. 





Please list someone other than your delivery partner if you are volunteering to deliver meals
Please list someone other than your delivery partner if you are volunteering to deliver meals


Insurance information is required if your volunteer position involves driving, such as delivering meals. A copy of your insurance card and valid driver’s license will be collected at the service center.




Your preference will be accommodated whenever possible. You may need to wait for a particular area or time slot opening based on preference.
This partner will also need to complete an application
ALL volunteers delivering meals who are under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult


Either in a paid or volunteer capacity.
Note: People needing to complete “court appointed hours” will not be accepted


I understand that Meals on San Diego County, (the Agency), will provide a Volunteer Orientation/Training Program and my participation in this training is required.

Meals on Wheels San Diego County strongly upholds the strictest level of volunteer, employee, and client confidentiality. All information, personal or otherwise, regarding clients, volunteers, and the operations of Meals on Wheels is to be kept confidential and may not be shared with outside parties without express written consent.  Information or knowledge of customers, volunteers, or other parties affiliated with Meals on Wheels used for financial gain or other unauthorized or unethical causes is strictly forbidden and will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

 I agree that failure to reveal pertinent information, or the giving of false or misleading information by me, may be grounds for termination of my volunteer assignment.

I understand that Meals on Wheels San Diego County has a policy of ‘at-will’ employment; just as a volunteer may terminate his/her relationship with the Agency at any time for any reason, the Agency expressly reserves the right to terminate any volunteer at its sole discretion.

I agree to uphold and abide by the policies and procedures of Meals on San Diego County.

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Non-Discrimination Policy Statement for Programs and Services
Meals on Wheels San Diego County, has a policy of non-discrimination in all programs and services. No one shall be excluded on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, marital status, veteran and military status or disability unless required by the eligibility guidelines for services.

Donor Privacy Policy
Meals on Wheels San Diego County does not sell or distribute donor information in any way. You can be assured your information is secured and protected at all times and only used by this agency in processing your donation and supplying you with Meals on Wheels San Diego County information. Please contact for further information or call 619.278-4005.