Meals on Wheels San Diego County are taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our clients and volunteers, such as wearing face masks/facial coverings, doing contactless delivery and observing social distancing. All COVID-19 protocols will be explained during our online volunteer training video.



I’d like to help Meals on Wheels with delivering meals to seniors. How do I get started?

The first step is to submit a volunteer application. You will need to complete a live scan (info in the application) if you are not active-duty military, a first responder or under the age of 18. After you submit a volunteer application, you will be redirected to a confirmation page which will have the link to our mandatory volunteer training video. After you watch the training video and your application has been processed, you will be contact via phone or email to begin volunteering. Please be patient as we are processing applications as quickly as possible.


I’ve submitted my volunteer application and paid the live scan fee. What’s next?

You must complete a live scan at one of our partner offices across the county. You will be contacted via phone once your live scan results are received and application is processed. 


How can I make sure I have completed all the necessary steps to volunteer?

Conveniently, we have a page outlining all steps necessary to become a volunteer as well as a downloadable PDF version. Both are found on our Steps to Volunteer page.


Unfortunately, I cannot deliver meals at this time. How else can I help?

For every holidary, birthday and times of need, we deliver special gift bags to our seniors to say, "We Care." Check out our page on how to assemble the bags and where to drop them off on our “We Care” Packages page.


What time does delivery start?

We deliver Monday-Saturday. Delivery starts around 10:30 AM and lasts about an hour or two, depending on the number of clients on a route.


Does Meals on Wheels San Diego County currently need volunteers?

Yes! It takes hundreds of volunteers each day to deliver meals. Many seniors are often dependent on the food and safety checks our volunteers provide.


Where can I find more information on the requirements and on the sort of deliveries I’ll be making?

Please visit the Deliver Meals section of our website for more information on volunteering to deliver meals.


Is there a time commitment if I become a volunteer?

We ask for a twice a month commitment. You’re more than welcome to do more.


What happens if I’m a volunteer but I need to call off due to sickness, an emergency, etc.?

Due to the vulnerable population we serve, we do not allow volunteers to deliver meals while sick under any circumstances. We also understand that life happens. For any reason that prevents a volunteer from completing a delivery, we ask that you contact your regional office to cancel ASAP.


What sort of meals will I be delivering?

We currently provide fresh lunches, hot and cold dinners, and a variety of beverages. We have easy-to-chew, renal and gluten friendly options. We also provide our clients' pets cat and dog food at no cost.


I’m unable to commit to volunteering at the moment. Is there another way that I can help?

Absolutely! We are always keeping the community updated with any Events that we may be having to help raise funds to support San Diego County seniors. In addition, we are consistently accepting Donations, whether they be monetary or in-kind gifts.


Who can I contact if I have other questions about volunteering?

All of our offices are receiving a high number of calls and emails. We apologize in advance for the delay in our response. If you have an urgent question, please contact us at or 619-278-4011.


Receiving Meals

​​I know someone that needs to sign up to receive meals. How do I sign them up?

In order to find your regional contact, please visit the Get Meals section of our website and type in the zip code of where the meals will be delivered. Next, fill out the application form. Once the form is submitted, someone will reach out to you to go over your information and what the meal delivery program entails.


Does Meals on Wheels deliver throughout San Diego County?

Yes, we deliver from Oceanside to Eastlake and from Pacific Beach to Alpine. We also have 4 service centers that house our staff, in addition to our meal center where food is prepared, packaged and then distributed.


Who does Meals on Wheels San Diego County serve?

We serve seniors within San Diego County that are 60+ years of age and disabled veterans of any age, regardless of income. And we serve all caretakers to our clients. We are currently serving over 3,000 seniors every year! For more information on what we accomplished last year, please visit our 2019 Annual Report.



I’d like to help Meals on Wheels with delivering meals to seniors for the next several weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic. How do I get started?

Submit a volunteer application. After completion of your application, you will be redirected to a confirmation page which will have the link to the volunteer training video. After you view the training video and your application has been processed, you will be contact via phone to begin delivering. Please be patient as we are processing applications as quickly as possible.


What is Meals on Wheels doing to protect their volunteers and clients from COVID-19?

We are adapting our operations and policies in order to ensure the utmost safety of our staff, volunteers, and especially clients. We have provided clear instructions during training to reduce the risk of transmission. We are following CDC guidelines and communicating them throughout our organization as they are updated.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, are there preventative measures that we need to follow if we are planning on volunteering?

At Meals on Wheels, we are concerned with how COVID-19 may affect not only our clients, but our volunteers as well. Please visit the Coronavirus Prevention section of our website for more information on our response and updates.



Non-Discrimination Policy Statement for Programs and Services
Meals on Wheels San Diego County, has a policy of non-discrimination in all programs and services. No one shall be excluded on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, marital status, veteran and military status or disability unless required by the eligibility guidelines for services.

Donor Privacy Policy
Meals on Wheels San Diego County does not sell or distribute donor information in any way. You can be assured your information is secured and protected at all times and only used by this agency in processing your donation and supplying you with Meals on Wheels San Diego County information.